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Stricter regulations imposed on US catfish industry

The US Government is preparing to finalise inspection regulations that require all producers and processors of catfish to abide by the same food safety standards.

ANZ: Vietnamese economy is recovering

Vietnam’s economy has bottomed out and is now showing signs of recovery with stable foreign direct investment (FDI) capital and increased trade surpluses, said ANZ Chief Economist for South Asia, the ASEAN & Pacific Glenn Maguire.

Wave of M&As forecast for Vietnam

With a raft of free trade agreements on the way, a checklist of equitisations, and new legislation in place to support foreign investment, a new wave of M&As are forecast to sweep across Vietnam.

Quality, value-added seafood products lead U.S. retail sales growth

Thanks to the rebound of the U.S. economy — along with supermarkets stepping up their fresh seafood merchandising, sourcing and education — fresh seafood retail sales are on the rise.

Can Natural Strategies Effectively Combat EMS?

Each year the shrimp industry suffers losses of more than US$1 billion due to early mortality syndrome or acute hepatopancreatic necrosis (EMS/AHPND), an emerging disease caused by the bacterium Vibrio parahaemolyticus. Pedro Encarnaçao, PhD and Jutta Zwielehner, PhD, Biomin, describe three strategies for combating this devastating disease.

Sustainable seafood in Europe’s future: Q&A with EDF’s Melanie Siggs

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) prides itself on leveraging the power of the marketplace to help create new economic solutions to solve pressing environmental problems, and to protect nature and human health. In the field of seafood, it works on restoring fisheries, protecting habitats and promoting safer seafood to consumers with a Seafood Selector.

Pangasius exports expected to benefit from FTAs

Vietnamese pangasius exports in 2015 have been forecast to benefit from reduced tariff trade agreements with the European Union (EU) and Russia despite the export declines last year.